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In 2001, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little co-founded WordPress, launching it in May 2003 with the help of several core contributing developers. At that time, WordPress was merely a free blogging forum for users. Since then, WordPress has evolved to be a full content management system with widgets, plugins and customizable themes. WordPress is licensed under GPLv2, which lists terms and conditions for copying, modifying and distributing free software.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization


Where do you start? Everything from the h3 tag in the title of this page, to how quickly your page loads, from minimizing Java script, to carefully choosing plugins and themes so there is not that much Java script to minimize. Don’t forget about in-lining CSS. Does your theme resize properly for all devices? Did you know that when you use a favicon generator you get over twenty different files for all the different devices out there? Do you have versions of your logo to accommodate retina devices? Is your caching plugin set up properly? Do you have Gzip compression in place?

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